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Alliance Dance Institute


The Alliance Dance Institute was seeking a replacement to it's current website. Their original site was built by a staff member and used a generic theme. The navigation was difficult and suffered from having multiple users modifying the content at will.


Zephyr Concepts started from the ground up to implement a consistent and logical navigation structure for the site. The end product is built around the Drupal Content Management System (CMS). It uses advanced tagging to direct content to various places throughout the site with minimal effort on the content updater. The CMS was built with user access levels integrated from the beginning. Different levels of staff have access to different areas, and global aspects are protected from the general editors.

DJ Keith Hoffman


DJ Keith Hoffman is a new artist in the D.C. metro area. He was looking to demo his work and provide a resource online for even scheduling and promoting his events. He was relying on facebook which was limited in its ability to host and stream his work.

The Solution

Zephyr Concepts created a CMS based website which would host all of the audio files as well as provide a calendar for events and performances. The site is linked into facebook so users can move easily between the sites without maintaining dual logins. Also the site generates iTunes feeds directly through the CMS, allowing DJ Keith to post his music to iTunes quickly and easily.